Schloss Maienfeld History

Once an important feudal residence in Maienfeld, the castle is still a significant landmark of the region. And justifiably so: The mighty castle tower is the oldest building structure of the castle and was built around 1247. About 100 years later the ‘Old Castle’, where the restaurant and bistro are located today, was added to the tower. Opposite stands the prominent “Toggenburgerhaus”.

It was named after count Friedrich VII. of Toggenburg, the one who had built the great hall. When the barons of Brandis later took over, they lent the castle their name for 150 years. In the beginning of the 16th century the castle along with the rule of Maienfeld was given to the “Drei Bünde”, who used the castle as residence as well as office space for various reeves. The 18th century marked the start of the castles slow decay. Only in the 20th century did they start rebuilding it. Nowadays the castle consists of different catering and event spaces, apartments, offices as well as a vineyard and is owned by the local Zindel family.

The castle was originally named after the small town of Maienfeld – depending on the spelling Meyenfeld, Mayenfeld or Maienfeld. To honour the history but also due to the inglorious past of the barons von Brandis, the castle got its original name back.


Food concept

Our kitchen pays tribute to the traditions, but gives them a modern twist at the same time. The region’s signature dishes will be tailored to the respective season. This ensures that the dishes are always fresh as well as creative. On top of that it makes sure that your taste buts will never be bored.

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Schloss Maienfeld

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Local partners

We value our region as well as our environment. That is why we like to have our suppliers close by: We work with local businesses that allow a shorter delivery route and consequently a sustainable and fresh F&B concept.



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